Forever In Blue Jeans - Neil Diamond
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Video lessons in this
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Play the most popular chords
Strum correctly in time and rhythm
Play arpeggio notes
Change chords smoothly in time
Recognise strumming patterns
Construct your own riffs
Syncopate in your playing
Construct strumming patterns
Measure full, 1/4, 1/8 notes
Read chord charts
Read tablature
Play and use power chords
Explore your fretboard
Develop strumming patterns
and much much more
Introduction to key music terminology
Your first 3 song lessons FREE.
On the first day you pick up
your guitar, you will learn
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Jimi Hendrix

The Eagles
Fast track to Impress

Lots of Techniques
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Learn a range of techniques to fast track
your playing to a higher level faster than
you ever thought possible. 
Really impress your family and friends.

Video lessons in this
course show you how to;
Get into playing lead guitar
A whole range of dynamics and improvisaiton
techniques to take your playing way
beyond basic strumming.

Use these powerful techniques to transform
songs you love to play into your
own impressive arrangements.

My secret guide to
making barre chords easy
Can't play barre chords yet? 
Use my secret guide to
making barre chords easy.

Get into keys and scales to
lead like Hendrix
You will quickly understand this essential music
theory and more importantly you will
really start to use keys and scales in your playing.

Introduction to using scales
Get into real music.  Use my secret method that
makes learning sclaes fun.  In no time you will
be using major scales to
create your own lead guitar arrangements.

Get into finger picking
Learn how to take any strumming song
and create your own finger
picking riffs and arrangements.

And much much more
This course is packed with a whole range of
techniques to really fast track your playing
to a higher level faster than you ever thought possible.
"Fun With Keys And Scales"

This fast track course is
designed to totally
unlock your guitar

Learning keys and scales is boring
- Not anymore!

This unique series of personal
instruction video lessons makes
learning and using keay and scales fun!

Video lessons in this
course show you how to;
Use scale progressions to
create your own riffs,
sequences, melodies and songs.

Create lead guitar riffs and sequences.

Identify the key of any song you play
and use scales to improvise.

Use the most popular pentatonic,
major and minor scales to
create your own music and
write your own songs.

Combine keys, scales, chords, notes,
strumming and picking to 

produce impressive music and
song arrangements.

Combine scale positions to play up and down
your complete fretboard.

Use key techniques to play mind blowing
fast tempo scale riffs and sequences
3 FREE song lessons that demonstrate
how learning and using scales will
unlock your guitar
No woman No Cry - Bob Marley
Feel Good Inc - Gorillaz
The First Noel (Christmas Carol)

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