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Goo Goo Dolls Without you here
Greenday Good riddance
(Time of your life)
Intro arpeggio sequence
Improvising example
3 playing options
Greenday Boulevard of broken dreams Easiest to play arrangement $3.95
Guns n' Roses Patience Easiest to play arrangement $4.95
Guns n Roses Don't cry   $5.95
Howie Day Collide Strumming pattern options
Pick and strum option
Simplified arpeggio bridge sequence
Incubus Drive   $5.95
Incubus Love hurts 2 strumming pattern options
Barre chord option
Jack Johnson Better together 2 strumming pattern options
Alternate strumming patterns
Jack Johnson Bubble toes Easiest to play arrangement $4.95
James Blunt Same mistake   $5.95
James Morrison Broken strings   $4.95
Jimi Hendrix
THe Troggs 
Wild Thing    $5.95
Johnny Cash I walk the line Easiest to play arrangement
Includes arpeggio intro
 John Denver Country roads  Easiest to play arrangement  $3.95
John Lennon  Imagine   Easiest to play arrangement $4.95 
Jason Mraz  I'm yours   Easiest to play arrangement  $4.95
KT Tunstall   Other side of the world   $4.95 
Lady Ga Ga   Poker face  Easiest to play arrangement  $4.95
 Lynyrd Skynyrd Free bird   Easiest to play arrangement  $3.95
Mazzy Star 5 String serenade  Easiest to play arrangement  $3.95 
McFly All about you    $5.95
Michael Jackson  This is it  Easiest to play arrangement  $4.95 
Metallica  Nothing else matters  Easiest to play arrangement  $5.95 
Mike and the mechanics Over my shoulder   $5.95
Neil Young Dreamin' man Strumming pattern option
Simplified chorus picking sequence
Using suspended chords to add interest
"hammer on" technique in chorus
Neil Young Harverst moon Includes 8 improvising techniques $5.95
Neil Young Heart of gold Arpeggio arrangement for intro and chorus $5.95
Neil Young Old man Using suspended chords to add interest $5.95
Nickleback Rock star Easiest to play arrangement  $4.95
Oasis Cast no shadow 2 strumming pattern options $5.95
Oasis Columbia   Easiest to play arrangement  $3.95 
 Oasis  Don't look back in anger Strumming pattern option   $5.95
Oasis  Fade away    $3.95
Oasis  It's good to be free    $4.95
Oasis Listen up  3 strumming pattern options  $3.95
Oasis Live forever 3 strumming pattern options $5.95
Oasis Married with children Added interest features inclusing 7th and suspended chords $5.95
Oasis Slide away 2 strumming pattern options
Simplified arpeggio intro
Alternating strumming patterns to add interest
Oasis Stand by me Simple techniques to add interest to intro and verse

Simple techniques to move between tewo chords in chorus
Oasis Talk tonight   $5.95
Oasis The importance of being idle Improvised sequence option for intro and chorus

Improvising example using suspended, 7th chords and slide
Oasis Whatever   $5.95
Oasis Wonderwall Intro and outro arrangement
Strumming pattern options for all parts
Pete Murray   Opportunity Easiest to play arrangement  $3.95 
Pink Floyd  Wish you were here   Easiest to play arrangement  $4.95
Pink Floyd   Wish you were here
(2 videos lessons)
Strumming and picking arrangements with improvisation techniques  $14.95 
Paul Weller You do something to me Includes simplifies partial barre technique $5.95
Pearl Jam Black Easiest to play arrangement $5.95
Pink Raise your glass  Easiest to play arrangement $4.95