Singles DL R - Z

Artist / Band Song  Features  Price   
Radiohead High and dry  Strumming pattern options
Optional slide sequence
Optional partial barre
Radiohead No surprises Arpeggio arrangement intro
Optional end chorus line with suspended chords 
Red hot chili peppers  Californication  Simplified arpeggio intro and break
Hamer on pick off technique in intro
 Red hot chili peppers Zephyr song Simplified arpeggio intro and break
 Hamer on pick off technique in intro
 Razorlight America Strumming pattern options
Simplified intro arpeggio arrangement
REM Losing my religion   $5.95
The Rembrandts  I'll be there for you
(Friends theme)
 Impressive fast tempo arrangement includes arpeggio intro various fretboard positions
Complete arrangement for intro verses, chorus, bridges, outro 
 Rihanna Take a bow  Alternative arpeggio picking arrangement for intro $5.95
Rod Stewart  Maggie May Impressive arrangement includes slides, chord variations, replicate mandolin section, different fretboard positions $5.95